C.L.U.I. Projects. Center for Land Use Interpretation, CLUI Wendover, Wendover, Utah. 2006-2008.

The Autotour Vehicle and Unit were completed during a residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation by the municipalWORKSHOP, an outrider to the M12 Collective. The Autotour Vehicle is a 4-wheeled, 6 person pedal-driven vehicle. Designed to support a GPS guided media tour of the Wendover area, the vehicle is equipped with a small computer and LCD monitor. Visitors to the CLUI facility in Wendover may check out the vehicle at anytime. The Autotour Unit is the support structure and housing for the pedal vehicle. The structure was built on site using primarily found and recycled materials. The walls and floor are constructed out of recycled pallets retrieved from area casinos. The Unit also supports a spring-loaded door for the easy entrance and exit of the vehicle and is outfitted with a solar-based power platform that keeps the vehicle continually charged and ready for action.

The C.L.U.I. Rover was created in collaboration with the art collective SIMPARCH and their project Clean Livin’. Located on the South Base of Wendover Airfield, the C.L.U.I. Rover transports 450 pounds of clean water to an artist research site daily. The vehicle is also equipped with solar power that runs a small water pump for moving water in and out of the storage tank. The power stored in the vehicle battery also powers a laptop computer, and audio and video recording devices that can be used for field research and recon missions by residents at the Center for Land Use Interpretation.